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The Best Things About Captive Insurance

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Most of you reading this are already quite familiar with what a captive insurance company so this article will focus on a bit of fun, mainly the best things about having an captive insurance group.

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1. Just as with any traditional insurance company, a captive insurance company definitely has the ability to amass a giant war chest of cash and assets. This can be particularly helpful if the owner of the main business needs to tap it to avoid a potentially much bigger disaster. While there are certainly tax disadvantages if someone chooses to “cash out the captive”, the fact remains that the possibility is still there to do so, which can give the smart business a huge leverage in an all too common unlevel playing field.

2. The captive insurance group can be used to aid in retaining top employees. This is done because if a key employee is offered a stake in the main company, it can often get messy, particularly when it comes to other employees. However, the usual case is that the only people who pay heed to the captive are the owners themselves. By offering a stake in the captive, the same benefits can be gleaned with less of a messy result.

3. Maintaining a captive insurance group is quite possibly one of the best strategies for protecting assets that man ever devised. This is because for each dollar that goes to the captive from the parent business, there is a reduction of that same dollar in the assets of the original business, but the assets are still owned by the same people. But since they are not technically the same business, they cannot be confiscated by creditors.

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Data Science

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Keeping up with day to day trends is easy because of the internet, but you may have wondered at times what happens to the data we generate on a daily basis, how it all works, how tiny ads in your browser know just what you have been looking for on e-commerce websites. At the heart of all these are algorithms whose sole purpose is to extract all the useful information from the data that is being generated by us on a daily basis. What is the significance of this data? This data helps companies understand their customer base. In short data science is a vital part of today’s IT field and it presents an unlimited number of opportunities for career growth.


Data which is generated is often available in two forms, structured and unstructured, and this data is unintelligible to most people. Data science uses scientific methods and statistical algorithms to extract valuable insights from the data. Data science is interdisciplinary because data science requires an individual to combine knowledge from various fields such as statistics, mathematics, advanced computing, etc.



The real task of a data scientist is to design high performing prediction engines. Prediction engines in turn help the company either expand business or increase revenue. Typically, they are dealing with massive datasets of customer information. So not only do data scientists perform data analysis, they must know how to access the data in these huge datasets. They also present their findings to management, so communication skills are also necessary.


In today’s competitive environment not everyone has the time to interview endless queues of people looking for that one suitable candidate. Often a good certificate comes in handy, telling them that

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